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West Coast Girls Hoops Super Elite 48

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What we want, we express to our participants

What it really takes to be, to be the best that you can.

We express to the kids, the young women, the young men that come to our camps what is really expected of them and whats gonna drive them beyond even their current abilities.

We want them to elevate their game by taking what they can control which is a positive attitude, their effort, the energy that they are putting into what they are doing.

Whether it’s a drill or whether it’s a game, we want them to understand that they can always get better, that there’s always things that they can do that they have control of that is going to elevate their game.

It’s not so much what you do, it’s how you do it.

That’s one of the things we reiterate to the participants all the time.

It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

How do you apply yourself? How do you apply your skill? How do you perceive your information?

We want the kids to be the best them.

James Parker

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WCG Hoops Super Elite 48 Evaluation and Skills Academy

DATES: September 13-14
Sun Devil Fitness Complex
330 N 1st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003


  • Separation Moves & Finishes
  • Angles of Attack
  • Be Efficient & Effective
  • Penetration & Relocation
  • Better Your Handles
  • Versatility Per Position
  • Transitional Game
  • High Post & Low Post Development
  • Situation Play
  • Fundamentals
  • Footwork
  • Tactical & Critical Thinking

James Parker – 
Founder: WCGHoops   Founder:
Gene Littles – Former NBA Coach
Keil Moore – &
Gerald Williams – Former Professional Player w/20+ Years Experience
Olivia Major – ASU, NJCAA All-American, National Champion

Media Coverage and Recruiting Services

Cost $125.00

WCGHoops Super Elite 48


My names Robert Brimley and my daughter Tatum Brimley is here.

I like the fact that the girls are being exposed to different aspects of the game, they have to show some of their different skills.

It enlightened them of different things.  Stretching was good with the stretch bands that was excellent.

It also allowed the girls an opportunity to get to know each other from the different teams.  And that they will know that they will see each other during the season.

We even have a girl here from Tucson, Vegas.  So I think it’s an excellent opportunity for all the young ladies to get to know each other, to get exposed.

I think its a great camp.

Robert Brimley
father of Tatum Brimley
3.79 GPA
5’5” G
Desert Vista HS – 2016
(414) 617-4848


Mauryo Osbourne, Founder of :That’s what I’m talking about, it’s unscripted. That kind of deal.

So tell me about. Why should James, why should James pay you money?


Mr. Perry: I’m beating the streets for the guy. He’s really done well for my daughter and my family.

He’s mentored my daughter and trained my daughter for the last about 4 years.

He’s done a spectacular job helping her understand the intangibles necessary for her to be an excellent leader and that’s helped her draw from deep within herself to keep that high motor going in intense games.

He’s taught her the toughness aspect of the game that I think are invaluable.