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Senior, Junior, Sophomore, Freshman, Incoming Freshman Reports June 2022 – May 2023

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West Coast Girl Hoops Report Sample Page


5 STAR Rating System
5.0 STARS → All-American. Can make an immediate impact. Candidate for NCAA championship contending teams. Higher ceiling to all-american in college.
4.5 STARS → All-American candidate. Fills a need for top 20 schools in the country. Substantial minutes for most schools (6-8th player in rotation). Major impact player for all other BCS schools. Area for improvement to be a 5 star player.
4.0 STARS → High Major to top Mid-Major, is going to help mids win their conference. Fills a need at the BCS level, brings stability to program. 6-8th player in rotation. Development player for top 20 schools.
3.5 STARS → Solid Mid-Major player that might have a role in BCS school but better suited to give substantial minutes and impact for a MM. Can play at high level, well rounded player but just not enough to be a top 100 player in the county or has some flaws to their game.
3.0 STARS → Low-major to mid-major prospect. Clearly can play low D1 & break 6-8th player rotation but questionable what role they will have at big mid-majors. A consistent player all around, might not have a specialty area or a specialty kid that lacks in some areas.
2.5 STARS → Marginal low-major if there is a chance they can play D1, might be a support role player for most part. Player has a specialty that fills a need. Can have a great career at lower levels or be a better fit to go the JUCO route.
2.0 STARS → Lower level programs. Cal play but not at an elite level. Can find opportunities pursuing a chance to play at lower level schools.
1.5 STARS → JUCO, small school if there is a chance.
1.0 STARS → Lowest level if there is a chance.